Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll along with Vic Fangio of the Denver Broncos and Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers were all fined $100k by the NFL for their blatant masklessness. Their respective clubs were also docked $250k each.

There's #letrusscook, how about #lesspetescheckbook?

The men and teams have to pay the penalty for violating the jointly approved protocol between the league and NFL Players Association.

Week 1 was full of warnings in a memo from Troy Vincent, who oversees the league's football operations, and since most warnings went unheeded, Week 2 is full of wallets a little lighter.

And this just in, Jon Gruden and Sean Payton of the Raiders and Saints, both received $100K fines late this afternoon. Both were both shown multiple times on a split-screen ESPN/ABC MNF shots breaking the rules.


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Gruden wore his mask like a chin strap, and Payton sported his gaiter like a turtleneck.

The NFL has fined coaches and their teams a total well north of over $1 million for not wearing masks during Week 2 games.

Among other offenders: Patriots coach Bill Belichick and his offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, Colts coach Frank Reich and Rams coach Sean McVay.

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Vincent said teams “must remain vigilant and disciplined in following the processes and protocols put in place by not only the league, union and clubs, but also by state and local governments.”

Vincent added: “Becoming careless or ignoring face covering and physical distancing requirements will put the 2020 season at risk.”

Raiders coach Jon Gruden, who said last week he felt Vincent’s memo was directed at him, revealed in a press conference after Las Vegas had defeated New Orleans, that he’d had COVID-19 and apologized for violating the rules.“I’m doing my best,” Gruden said. “I’ve had the virus. I’m doing my best. I’m very sensitive about it. I’m calling the plays. I apologize. If I get fined, I will have to pay the fine."

Pay up, Chuckie.

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