Like everybody else, I was surprised when Curling became an Olympic sport in 1998. It's basically shuffle board on ice. Each team has eight stones they slide on the ice to land in four concentric circles. The brooms are to speed up, slow down, or change the trajectory of the stones. But I'm becoming a fan.Here's why:

1. The shoes!

Seriously. Curling shoes have two different kinds of souls. One is a slider -- usually with Teflon -- and the other has traction. That's crazy! Super cool shoes.

2. The pretty women!

When the sport debuted there were a lot of middle-aged housewives on the curling teams, but now countries are stacking their teams with vixens! Hot women with brooms, ice and rocks? Sounds like a "Lifetime" network series.

Getty Images, Clive Mason

3. The men's pants

The Norwegian team in particular has fantastic men's pants. I'd work out more if I could dress like that.

Getty Images, Streeter Lecka