Just because you have a Costco membership, don't let it go to your head. Seriously, drop your sense of entitlement.

This nugget and 30 other observations Costco employees would love to tell you about, but alas, just cant, can be found at this businessinsider.com link.

About 50 Costco workers from across the U.S.A. were asked a battery of questions and were also encouraged to disclose in private what they'd never dare say in person.

Some of the commonality - stop being mean and inconsiderate all the time, that's a given - and almost all employees would like to say to parents to control your kids, hang up the bloody phone and help in the cart load/unload process if you're able.

Other quick hitters from the list:

Don't trash the warehouse...don't be gross...don't pull the produce from the bottom of the pile in order to get the freshest possible fruits and vegetables and not fix your mess..don't blame employees for things they can't change...you're not as funny as you think you are...over the top returns are not appreciated...don't hog the samples (guilty)...educate yourselves about the store rules before you just saunter in on the way to the food court...and don't try to pull the innocent "oh-I-didn't-know-the-coupon-expired-can-you-make-an-exception-for-me" stunt. Do not be that person.

Impulse buys on big items are fantastic, but you should know if it's going to fit in your ride to get it home and if you're going to need help lifting it.

And finally, for the love of God and country, don't assume all employees are happy all the time. BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT.

Thank you, and now off to scarf as many free samples as possible before an eyebrow gets raised by the one in the hairnet...and for the record, handing out samples is only a slightly less stable job than working in the warehouse.

"Oregon resident?"

Sorry, habit.

"No, Washington."

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