The Super Bowl is a couple weeks away and the Winter X-Games start tomorrow, but I am just as excited for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics that begin on February 6. Here are just four reasons why.


It's shuffleboard on a grand scale and the teams get to wear uniforms like these. The Norwegian curling team's outfits remind me of John Daly's Loud Mouth clothing or a band that would be opening for The Beatles and I think it's awesome.

Stories like this

India's Shiva Keshavan and his journey to be a world class athlete in the Luge despite the lack of training facilities. Check out the course that he uses in the video below. Intensely. incredible

Jamaica has a bobsled team!

Jamaica Bobsleigh Team will be competing in the 2 Man Bobsled competition after a crowd sourcing effort to help get them to the games.

The debut of Women's Ski Jump

I didn't even realize that there wasn't a women's portion to this event. In 2014, the ladies get to prove they can fly just like the men. Check out our first ever US Women's Ski Jumping Team!