History of crafting beer dates back as far as 1587, when the Virginia colonists brewed ale using corn. Brilliant! In this day and age, craft brewing has gone above and beyond what the colonists would have even hoped for. There are thousands of beers out there and just about as many festivals in the United States. The 10 best craft breweries in the United States may not surprise you, but it is exciting that Yakima is on that list.USA Today did some serious research on this subject and they have come up with these exciting answers for us craft brew drinkers.

1. California, 268 craft breweries

California is famous for their wine but, they have their fair share of craft brew. Seierra Nevada is my favorite.

2. Washington, 136 craft breweries

Well it really is no surprise that Washington is in the top 10. Just like California, we have some of the best wine and beer in the country and not to mention the fact that most of the hops in the world come from our great state and even more importantly from Yakima Valley! The USA Today said this:

Coming in at a respectable second, Washington state has 136 craft breweries, including the well-known Pyramid Brewery, headquartered in Seattle. It's no surprise that this evergreen state has such a passion for beer, as the first American microbrewery -- Yakima Brewing & Malting Co -- was based here.

3. Colorado, 130 craft breweries

Colorado better be on this list. It has my second favorite beer. Coors original is amazing. Most people say it looks like pee and tastes like pee. Well i must like pee then. HA

4. Oregon, 124 craft breweries

Keeping with this side of the Mississippi River Oregon comes in third and respectfully. I love taking the Pub Crawl in Astoria. Lots of fun, from what I remember.

5. Michigan, 102 craft breweries

Jumping across the United states to the great lakes state. Michigan has some fantastic beers. They should. Detroit is the 'Rock City' after all.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor

Montana was not on this list, but it should be. My No. 1 microbrew in the U.S. and in the world is the great Moose Drool! Nothing beats it! My second favorite microbrew is '1982' from Yakima Craft Brewery, which used to be Yakima Brewing & Malting Co. And my third microbrew is 'Top Cutter' from Bale Breaker.

Read the rest of USA Today's list and you tell me if they got it right.