The best Star Wars toys are always hard to find and impossible if you wait til right before Christmas. With the new movie coming out and a brand new toy line to go with it, Star Wars will be hot this year. If you want to take advantage for your kids you better buy now before they are all gone.

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    BB-8 App Enabled Droid by Sphero

    This is the coolest Star Wars toy ever! Don't believe me, check out my blog here. It is expensive but if you see one buy it because it is the hottest toy right now! Christmas it will be impossible to find.

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    Who wouldn't love a Ferby that is Chewbacca! It is one of the new Star Wars toys for The Force Awakens. As far as I know, it is the first Chewbacca Ferby ever! They also have digital eyes that show emotion better then the old ones.

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    Blade Builders

    If you have ever wanted to design your own light saber, now is your chance. With Blade Builders you can design any kind of light saber that you can imagine! How sweet is that?

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    Classic 3.75 Star Wars Figures

    Almost nothing better then the classic 3.75 inch Star Wars figures, but the good ones go fast so get them now before you can't find your child's favorite character.  Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and any trooper will be hard to find.

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    Bo Dameron X-Wing Fighter

    Normally I would say to steer clear of a toy with problems, but in this case it makes it more valuable. Because of its known issues it might get pulled and fixed making this version valuable. If your a collector get it, if your buying for kids, wait til the fixed version comes out.