A Youtube vlogger who goes by TAOFLEDERMAUS plays with liquid mercury "so you don't have to." He does some seriously dangerous stuff with it, but it's fascinating to watch. Here are my five favorite videos:

  • 1

    Watch this guy float stuff on it and make bugs walk on it

    He has a boring voice, but he says interesting things. Video quality is mediocre, but he does cool stuff.

  • 2

    Mixing salt in mercury

    Even though salt is about 1/14 the density, salt doesn't float on top! Why not? This video is fascinating... but forgive the long introduction.

  • 3

    Will a sponge absorb mercury?

    People in his comments asked why he didn't use a sponge with bigger pores, or an organic sponge. This doesn't matter... it's chemistry not the type of sponge.

  • 4

    Boiling mercury


  • 5

    Freezing mercury

    Mercury must be -40 degrees to freeze, so as soon as you pick up the solid chunk it instantly starts melting!