There are a million places in Tri Cities to get tacos, but only a few places to get a breakfast taco. Mostly it is because taco places tend to open after 11 am, but I found 5 places you can actually get breakfast tacos right here in Tri Cities.

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    Taqueria El Sazon

    This is one of my favorite places to sit down and get authentic Mexican food. They open at 7 am and are one of the best places to get a breakfast tacos. Friday and Saturday they are open until 3 am, so you can get your tacos late. They now have two locations: 2226 W Court St, Pasco & 4115 W Clearwater,Kennewick

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    Roberto's Taco Shop

    This place is open 24 hours. So no matter how early or how late you need your tacos, Roberto's can serve you. Did I mention it is open 24 hours?  3150 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick

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    Taco Bell

    This is the one spot that I probably don't need to mention because everyone knows about Taco Bell. They are also open from 7 am to 3 am every day to make it really convenient. Unlike the first few on the list, you don't even have to get out of your car. There are multiple locations all over Tri Cities.

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    Taco John's

    Another good place to get your morning breakfast tacos, because they open at 7 am except on Sundays they open at 8 am. Their website says they are Fast-food chain featuring tacos, burritos, nachos & breakfasts mixing Mexican & Western flavors. 701 W Vineyard Dr, Kennewick

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    Jack In The Box

    This is probably my least favorite of the list but a ton of people love to eat here so I put it on the list. They are open 24 hours and they are really cheap. Oh yea, and they have breakfast tacos! Places all over town.