2015 is coming to a close, and with it, hopefully some of these obnoxious trends. Comment with anything I missed!

Minions, Minions, Everywhere

Honest to God, I've never seen any of these movies, but I find it funny how three little banana dudes who never talk stole the show in a movie starring Steve Carrel. But, holy crap is my world dilluted with these guys on everything. Shampoo, Twinkies, toothpaste, etc.

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"Watch Me Nae Nae"

This doesn't even make sense. Yes, I realize by hyperlinking it here, he gets views.



Who needs words when you can just ✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂✌😂?



Bæ is a Danish word for poop. So think about that when you're "chillin' at home with bae." How this is still a thing two years later is beyond me, but it makes it that more hate-able.


'Squad Goals'

Innocently enough, it just means things you want to do with your friends, but WHY? WHY? WHY?