You can never predict the end of the world. But you can always be prepared. Whether it's a zombie apocalypse, nuclear holocaust, or the Cascadia Quake - preppers take no scenario lightly.

If you had to live in a post-apocalyptic Tri-Cities, these are the places you'd want to be.

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    Winco is a huge warehouse-type building made of concrete and steel. It's also only got one entrance. This makes it a great place to set up a base or shelter. PLUS all of the non-perishables and bulk foods will keep people fed during the end of the world.

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    The Bunker


    One of the most popular military surplus stores in the Tri-Cities, the Bunker would make a great HQ for a Anti-Zombie Tactical Squad. With guns, ammo, camping gear, military gear, etc; the Bunker is where you'll want to be if you're on the defensive AND offensive.

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    Lookout Summit

    Benton County

    At 3,629 ft, Lookout Summit is the highest peak in Benton County. From way up there, you'll see everything headed your way from miles away.

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    Clover Island

    Columbia River

    Now here's a place to build a fort. It's already got a natural moat. It's pretty hard to get to it without N Clover Island Dr. If you had to, it could easily be cut off and made remote for Martian Defense Teams.

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    Bateman Island

    Columbia River

    If you really need to be off the grid, Bateman Island is an excellent choice. You need a boat to access it. It's got great fishing spots. Just be smart with your campfires.

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