Seattle police say a man with a gun was reported at Pike Street Market on Sunday. He stole a Volkswagen then drove to the U of W Athletic Center where he stole a minivan and then to a rental car lot where he stole a Chevy Camaro. Dash cams caught the car chase and shootout at the end before the man was killed by officers. While disturbing for obvious reasons there is no gore, and here are 5 reasons I had to pick my jaw up from the floor:

1) watch the chase proceed up a ONE WAY STREET!

2) watch the officer put his training into use dodging obstacles and staying right behind the Camaro

3) at one point the officer in pursuit attempts to ram the Camaro. It doesn't do a thing but puts the cruiser out of commission

4) when officers have the Camaro cornered he still tries to get away

5) a young woman in a nearby car is seen GETTING OUT and running away right before the shots are fired (how dangerous!)