Last Friday a man killed six people at UC Santa Barbara as retribution for the fact he was still a virgin at age 22. He said he was going to "slaughter" women at a sorority -- what he thought was the "hottest" sorority on campus -- because they give their sex to "brutes" instead of him. Here's why I'm still struggling with this:

1. We're all so desensitized that we brush off crimes like this one. Until someone kills more than the previous killer (I think Virginia Tech holds the current "record") it's not worthy of our attention. I have some things to say about gun control, but it has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with killing.

2. I can't come to grips with this guy's twisted logic. "I can't get laid so I'm going to kill sorority girls." How do you make that leap? He convinced a welfare check he was fine, but his family sensed there was something wrong and tried to intervene.

3. The killing was so utterly random. He says he wants to slaughter all the girls in a sorority, and ends up killing three people in his home and one in a deli.

4. Let's talk gun control. We've got another classic clash of culture once again in America. Richard Martinez is the father of the kid in the deli. Here's a guy who in the utter despondency of losing a child took the opportunity to give his views on gun control (watch below). I understand both sides of the argument. But we've always been a nation of majority consensus. I don't understand how in 2014 when 90 percent of Americans believe in some kind of background checks for gun ownership we can allow a psycho killer to obtain guns legally. Gun advocates say necessary precautions are already in place and we don't need more government in our business. I understand their fear that more control will create a domino effect and we'll lose more rights than proper. But current controls are not working. Assault rifles, for example, are for killing a lot of stuff in a big hurry. I don't get why people need that, unless they're in the military.

5. Roger's now-pulled Youtube videos are just bizarre. He called Friday the day of his "retribution against all of humanity" because "girls" deprive him of their sex and kisses. Since puberty he has been forced to live an existence of rejection and unfulfilled desires. "College is a time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and pleasure and in those years I've had to rot in loneliness. It's not fair." He calls himself the "ideal man" and says the killings will prove he's the real "Alpha male" -- not those "obnoxious brutes" the sorority girls prefer.