Superheroes are a big deal. The biggest movies involve them. Kids want to be them. Heck, most adults want to be them, too. 

Marvel got $2 billion and over $1 billion at the box office with Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther this past year, respectively.

DC is closing in on $1 billion with Aquaman. 

So yeah, superheroes - big deal.

What if they were real? What if god-like figures watched us from the skies? What if some brilliant scientist was tapped into the internet as our guardian?

I think a few would have some trouble operating in Tri-Cities.


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    When Aquaman was created in 1941, he had to make contact with water every hour, or he would die. While we do have a bunch of rivers, it's no ocean. It could get tricky for the King of Atlantis.

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    Doctor Manhattan

    The enigmatic blue man from the Watchmen comic book series and movie is one moody and highly radioactive guy. Given our long and distinguished history in the radiation department, we would be the fuel to the Doctor Manhattan fire. The second he's had enough (could be as small as a traffic jam), we are blue toast fizz.

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    The Flash

    The whole draw and appeal to the Flash is his speed. Between fickle traffic lights and Hanford/Blue Bridge traffic, that bank is getting robbed before he even gets there.

    Don't get me started on traffic circles. When that car stops in the entrance, the Flash is dashed.

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    Half of what Batman does is lurk in the shadows. Tri-Cities is pretty wide open. We lack a ton of alleyways and looming buildings where Batman can hide and wait to pounce.

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    We may be a friendly neighborhood, but Spider-Man would be a disaster in Tri-Cities. Why? He'd get literally nowhere. Spider-Man needs tall buildings and cranes to attach his webs and traverse. So unless he makes the Kadlec parking garage his hub, Spider-Man is squashed.