The Mid Columbia is one of the safest places to live. We have no big earthquakes, no floods, no tornadoes or hurricanes, we're spread out enough not to worry about epidemics and the air quality is great. But you should be worried if U.S. goes to war with Russia.

In the 1940s Hanford (White Bluffs) was a really safe place to build a secret military facility. But it's a secret no longer. In addition to Hanford, here are 4 other targets that would definitely get bombed in a war:

  • 1

    Columbia Generating Station

    It's not only a source of power for a huge region, but it is a military asset that an enemy would want to destroy.

  • 2

    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    A lot of PNNL's research is for the Dept. of Defense. During every way (including today) militaries bomb each other's research facilities.

  • 3

    Quincy Data Centers

    World War 3 will be a war fought digitally as well as physically. Knocking out each other's computers will be a high priority. Quincy currently hosts huge data centers that warplanes would want to knock out.

  • 4

    Blackrock in Wenatchee

    Few know it, but there's a data processing facility in East Wenatchee owned by Blackrock, the largest asset management firm on Wallstreet. Blackrock is so influential in the mutual funds industry that what it does generally pushes the rest of the country to do the same. In 21st-century warfare it will be a huge target.

  • 5

    Hydroelectric Dams

    During World War II we concentrated a lot of our fire power to destroying Germany's dams. Without them, their industrial centers were useless. In the event of World War III, expect a lot of action around our Columbia River and Snake River dams.