I love the Tri-Cities. It has a charm, it's small yet big. You have everything you need without the overcrowding. We're constantly making national lists for things like "Best Places to Live" or "Safest Places to Live." 

If I could write a "What You Need to Know Before Moving to Tri-Cities, Washington" handbook, it would go as follows.


  • Robert Hoetink
    Robert Hoetink

    The Wind

    Chicago may be the "Windy City", but my local bias would say Tri-Cities could give it a run for its money. I don't know if anyone gets it worse than the people by the Southridge area. When you drive from Richland to Pasco, you can feel it whip your car around.

  • Jupiterimages

    Tri-Cities is BONKERS for Its Local Sports

    They may be minor league teams, but the Tri-Cities is in love with its sports teams. Their love for the Americans is absolutely rabid. You see it everywhere; people wear the jerseys, have the bumper stickers, and PACK the Toyota Center. They're also pretty supportive of their Dust Devils and Fever.

  • Victor Pelaez
    Victor Pelaez

    We Have No Trees

    Obviously, I know we have trees. That sentiment comes from all my friends back east who would comment on how much it must rain over here... Yep. I learned quickly how different eastern Washington is.

  • John Lund/Annabelle Breakey
    John Lund/Annabelle Breakey

    Downtown Kennewick Has 400 Bars

    I love shopping around in Tri-Cities. The Uptown, Burden Boulevard, Downtown Kennewick... They have a lot of antique stores, one coffee shop, a big expensive shoe store and about 600 bars. There's a bar every square foot almost! I guess that empowers the consumer with variety.

  • John Panella
    John Panella


    Being as Kennewick has the most roundabouts per capita, you'd think the population as a whole would be good at driving through them. You could say we're getting there with a lot of room to grow...

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