My wife and I have a lot in common. We watch a lot of the same TV shows and movies. We have a lot of similar hobbies. One thing we don't always agree on is music. 

We agree on a lot of bands in the rock category (Highly Suspect, Ghost, Badflower, alt-J) but we go to war over metal.

I get it. Music is subjective. People have different tastes. But here's some statements that are sure to piss off fans of metal and rock.

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    The lyrics are inappropriate

    See: Country music and alcohol, pop music and sex. Rap and alcohol and sex.

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    Why does it sound so angry?

    Loud does not = angry.

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    I can't understand what he/she is saying

    I can't understand what Ariana Grande is saying in "thank u, next" but it's still alright.

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    Screaming isn't a talent

    Okay, you try it then.

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    Why do you listen to music that makes you sad?

    Hasn't Adele made a career out of that, though?