97 Rock is going to take the plunge January 21st to raise money for Special Olympics of Washington State. All the proceeds for this days events will stay locally here in the Tri-Cities for our local Special Olympic heros.

Last years plunge had over 350 jumpers so the goal this year is to increase our jumpers and make sure everyone is safe and sound while raising money for a great cause.

For a safe and successful plunge though jumpers need to know these 5 tips to make your plunge into the mighty Columbia River a fun one.

Tip #1 - Sign up ahead of time so that you can enjoy your day without having to stand in lines and fill out paperwork. Enjoy all the festivities that the plunge has to offer. You can either sign up as a single jumper, a team, or you can join team 97 Rock where each of our plungers have a goal of raising $50.

Polar Plunge 2


Tip #2 - Plan a costume or team outfit, this will make for a fun time and it might keep your mind off the fact that your jumping into frigid waters. Some ideas for costumes might be Santa outfits, polar bear outfits, penguins, or anything that might make you think of warmer weather.


Tip #3 - Motivate yourself to jump, whether it means chanting "it's not gonna be cold, it's not gonna be cold" or "Cow-a-bunga". Whatever it takes to get you to jump that's the key. The last thing you want to do is take the walk of shame back off the dock.


Tip #4 - Get a support crew to cheer and/or jump with you. This adds to the fun and takes your mind off the shrinkage factor.

Polar Plunge 3



Tip #5 - Thaw out, there will be hot-tubs, heaters and extra towels after your jump so make sure to take advantage of these benefits it will only make the rest of the day better. Reminder to to bring extra clothes and a garbage bag to carry out your wet cold outfit or swimsuit.

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