To promote breastfeeding and widespread acceptance of feeding in public, many Tri-Cities women proudly post selfies online. About 50 moms decided to take it a step further. Tasha Spaniel Photography organized a two-hour photo shoot at the Richland Uptown to show 50 people breastfeeding together to help normalize the practice and remove taboos.

I certainly agree it’s an important message, but I wonder how they got all 50 babies to eat at the same time. If you’ve had a baby, you know they’re not hungry just because a nipple is thrust in their face, so I can’t imagine how awkward this photo shoot must have been with dozens boobs being shoved in the faces of not-hungry kids just for a picture.

My own curiosity aside, I’m glad these events take place and I applaud their courage in taking a stand for their children and other women.