Story from KNDU

509 Fitness members trying to work out found out they no longer had a gym membership Monday when they showed up to the facility on 540 North Colorado Street in Kennewick.

"I didn't have any idea the gym is closed, so I showed up and saw the big sign on the door," says Randell Burton a member.

When calling the gym, there was also a voicemail that says, "Thank you for calling 509 Fitness. It is with great sadness and regret that effective immediately, 509 Fitness is closed. This is due to the decline in member ships, the unexpected rise in major expenses and competition.'

"I'm very surprised, I had no idea they were closing or there was any talk of closing, I'm very shocked. I work out here everyday on my lunch break," says Kristen Opp who works just down the street.

Owners did not want to talk to KNDU on camera, but on the phone owner Jason Sleater says they are just heart broken that they have to close due to the economy.

Several workers however were not informed of the situation and learned they were out of a job through a Facebook post.

The members were also informed through the sign on the door that current contracts are void and members would be getting a pro-rated refund within 14 business days.

The owners also worked out a deal with Hanson Park Fitness on 910 S Columbia Center Blvd # C in Kennewick. The voicemail says to call them at (509) 735-7744. "509 Fitness has made arrangements with Hanson Park Fitness and they will be taken care of all of our members. They will not be charged today or for the rest of the month," says the message.