It is cold right now in Tri-Cities, but not nearly as cold as it can get. You might be surprised to know that the temperature has gone below 0 degrees in only 22 different years in past, the last time was in 2010. Here are the 6 coldest days on record for Tri-Cities and a little bit of historical information from that same year. Buuurrrr...

  • 1

    -27 Degrees F

    January 21, 1930 in Kennewick. Also in that year Kennewick, like many agricultural regions, was hit hard by the Great Depression in the 1930s, although the promise of vast federal hydroelectric and irrigation projects in the Columbia Basin gave a boost to the region according to sources.

  • 2

    -23 Degrees F

    February 03, 1950 - Also in that year, Richland's population had mushroomed to 21,809, which made it nearly twice as big as each of its formerly dominant neighbors, Pasco and Kennewick according to sources.

    Irina Igumnova
  • 3

    -18 Degrees F

    January 04, 2004 - Also in that year, the Playground of Dreams had burnt down months before, and in April 21 to 24, 2004. About 2,000 volunteers turned out, some of whom worked more than one shift to rebuild it according to sources.

  • 4

    -17 Degrees F

    January 27, 1957 Also in that year, the Pasco Bull Dogs play the first football game on their new field. Edgar Brown Stadium according to sources.

  • 5

    -16 Degrees F

  • 6

    -11 Degrees F

    January 25, 1949 Also in that year, the Blue Bridge was first proposed in 1949 as the previous bridge (commonly referred to as the "Green Bridge") was unable to handle the 10,000+ cars that were crossing it daily. Work on the bridge was begun in 1951 according to sources.