There are lots of little facts about the history of the Tri-Cities that always surprises me.

What's The Story Behind The Fingernail In Howard Amon Park?

My wife and I were walking in Howard Amon Park in Richland over the weekend and we walked past the Fingernail stage. I've always been fascinated by the Fingernail and how it was conceived.

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There are several other places and stories around the Tri-Cities. I recall getting lost on Lewis Street as a teenager when I came to the Tri-Cities to visit my grandparents who lived in Burbank. I got lost and called them from a payphone and my grandmother went "get the kids, it's dangerous down there"

What's The Real Name Of The Cable Bridge In Tri-Cities Washington?

I've now lived in the Tri-Cities since 2007 and I realized that the Tri-Cities of the '80s and '90s were a lot rougher than our surroundings today. Tri-Cities has really prospered in the last 30 years.

History is one of my favorite things so I've compiled six facts that you might not know about the Tri-Cities. Do you know the real name of the Cable Bridge? Do you realize that we had several other cities here that the government moved back in the 40s?

Here are six facts about the Tri-Cities that might surprise you.

6 Little Known Facts About Tri-Cities That'll Surprise You

Here are 6 little-known facts about Tri-Cities that might surprise you.

Who knew that the Rose Bowl was once at the spot of Richland's Winco? If you grew up there, I'm sure you remember it well.

Tri-Cities history is always fascinating and I love reading up and sharing stories with you.

If you have some facts and history you want to share for a future article, feel free to hit us up on the station app chat feature.

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