As few rainy days as we've had lately, I'm pretty pumped about some scattered showers tomorrow, and more importantly the heavier rain we're expecting on Saturday. But rainy days can drive a mom or a dad a little batty, so here are some fun things to do with the kiddos when outside is not an option.

Have An Early Halloween

Kids love dressing up, so take this rainy day opportunity to use last year's costumes (or maybe you have this years' already?) and let's play like it's Halloween early!

Peanut Butter Play Dough

My kids loved this when they were younger and I still make it once in a while because it's delicious! Mix peanut butter with powdered milk until it has the consistency of play dough. You can sprinkle in a little sugar and it tastes kind of like the inside of a Reese's Cup. It's moldable and fun to play with, too.

Marshmellow Play Dough

I haven't tried this yet, and it sounds like a sticky mess, but everyone says it's not! Sure sounds yummy, too, and the photos on the link make it look just like actual Play-Doh. Marshmello Play Dough Recipe.

Indoor Camping

Okay, let's step away from the sugary play dough for a second and do something that might require a blanket fort! When is the last time you and the kids went camping indoors? Get the pillows and couch cushions ready to create your tent and camp area. Get some pots and pans for your pretend campfire and let's cook some camp food!

Living Room Bowling

You can use pillows to create an alley (like bumpers) and use a basketball or soccer ball to bowl down empty water bottles or cans.

Indoor Treasure Hunt

I created a lot of treasure hunts for my kids over the years. Most of them ended up outside and required a short hike to get to the next clue, only to have to walk all the way back to the house for the clue after that. But on a rainy day, we'll keep the clues confined to the dryer, the pantry, kitchen drawers and under the dog bed.


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