Cities and towns in the Northwest have strange names. I was talking with a friend the other day about how many sound like they actually would fit as names in the Star Wars universe. Here are some of the city names I thought could work as names of classic characters.

  • 1


    A droid assassin from the planet Benton that is wanted in 14 systems for multiple galactic crimes.

  • 2


    Washougal is a large reptilian creature from the Clark system that eats over 1000 ships a year, causing lots havoc with the locals that live there.

  • 3


    A Jedi from the old Galactic Republic who was known for eating lots of Okanogan and for single handidly revolutionizing the Jedi robe as we know it.

  • 4


    A creature of the ocean from the King system that is a problem for shuttle craft because of their lack of eyesight. They also help control the Niner population.

  • 5


    A mining droid usually from the Pierce system that is responsible for almost all the kyber crystals in the galaxy.

  • 6

    Cle Elum

    The evil ruler of the planet Kittitas that lead the battle of Chewelah and still has over 100,000 Moxee at his control.

  • 7


    He needs no introduction. The baddest in the whole galaxy. His only weakness is his horrible asthma.