It gets hot here in the Tri Cities. Hitting over 100 degrees for multiple days in June is not unusual and if you have small kids, it can be a pain in the butt. Being out in the heat during the day is not a good idea, so where do you go if you don't want to be stuck in your house all day. Here are 5 great ideas to help keep you cool in the heat if you have kids in the Tri Cities.

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    Water Parks

    You can either go to one of the many city water parks like Civic Center Splash Pool at 315 W. 6th Avenue in Kennewick or you can go to the huge membership water park at the Columbia Basin racket Club called Pelican Bay. Either will get the job done, just one is much cheaper then the other. Pelican Bay has day passes available for $5.00 for children 0-5, $10.00 for youth 6-13 and $15.00 for adults 14 & up, per visit.

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    Jump Parks

    There is a cool place to jump in a trampoline room located in Kennewick called Get Air Tricities. They have a big air room for kids over 46', and a small air room for kids under 46' and they have air conditioning. Just under $10 per person for the first hour and only $6 for the second hour. Weekends are more expensive, but still reasonable to get your family out of the heat.

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    Find a Sprinkler

    The cheapest way to stay cool in the sun is just to find a sprinkler and play in it. You may have to turn your own on and you might even have to buy a cheap house and sprinkler to do it, but it would be worth it. A small kids pool in the backyard or a slip and slide would work also.

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    Chuck E Cheese

    I never really understood the value of Chuck E Cheese until I became a parent of small children. You can spend most of an afternoon with a smaller amount of money and keep cool while keeping your kids entertained. It costs nothing to get in, and you can control the amount of tokens your kids spend. A little goes a long way at Chuck E Cheese. The hottest part will be the parking lot.

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    Find Someone with a Boat

    Some of the best places to go around Triities when it is hot, you need a boat to get too. If you have lived here long enough and you have the money, you probably have a boat. I thought nobody used the river until I went with some friends and realized everyone was on the river, just not anywhere you can drive too.

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    Watch a Movie

    Movie theaters are a great value if you are looking to get out of the house and stay cool. The hottest part of the day is before 7pm, so utilize the matinee pricing and enjoy the air conditioning. Also, there are also some really great kids movies out right now!

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    Go to the Columbia Mall

    The mall is air conditioned and they have a large play area that you can bring your kids too for free. It is in the main entrance of JC Penny and is open as long as the mall is open. I think it is designed for people shopping, but no one will ask you any questions. They also have an Orange Julius next door to cool them down on the way out.

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