Thursday afternoon Aaron R. Ybarra, 26, attacked at least four people at the Seattle Pacific University campus in Otto Miller Hall around 3:30. A building monitor subdued the shooter with pepper spray while he reloaded his shotgun. The victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center. One of the victims, a man in his 20s, died at the hospital.

One of the victims, a woman, was critically injured and underwent surgery. Two others, men 22 and 24, are stable, news reports say. Two additional people may have been injured in the incident, but are not counted as victims of the shooting. The Seattle Times is suggesting one of the two men in stable condition may not have a bullet wound.

SPU student Jessica Hogue was on the opposite end of campus in the middle of final presentations when a message from the intercom announced the school was on lockdown.

"We started praying. Someone got messages saying there were four victims. We got notifications on our phones saying there was a shooting," she said.

Being a Christian school, Hogue said the initial reaction was to pray together, listen to worship music and contact family and friends.

Otto Miller Hall is one of the largest buildings on campus and is mostly full of classrooms.

"It's a very special campus, very close. It has about 4,000 students. They stress building a family-like community. I recognize most faces I see. Most people are friendly, warm and inviting. Professors love their students. There are great professor-student relationships." she said.

Friday was the last day of classes.

Youtube, Seattle Pacific University