Every year we see some great plays, some great gaffs and some great drama. In 2014 we've seen as much in WEEK 1 as we usually get in an ENTIRE SEASON! Check out this list -- forgive me if I forgot anything -- and tell me this isn't the best start the league has ever seen!

  • 1

    Antonio Brown's karate kick to the face

  • 2

    Ray Rice is gone

  • 3

    Graham Gano goes out on the field for some practice kicking WHILE A MARCHING BAND IS PERFORMING!

  • 4

    LeSean McCoy of Philadelphia Eagles busted after leaving .20 cent tip!

    Post by PYT.
  • 5

    Tom Brady and the Patriots are in last place for the first time in, like, forever

  • 6

    J.J. Watt becomes the most popular man in America (before he Googled what rich people buy)

  • 7

    Seahawks Won!