If they want a tip they're supposed to treat you right. But without knowing it you may be treating THEM poorly! An international survey asked waiters, waitresses and bartenders what drives them crazy. You'll be surprised by their answers:

  • 1

    Don't Touch Their Tray!

    When the server approaches you may be tempted to reach up and grab your drink or plate. Don't do that. The items on the tray are carefully balanced and some of the items may be too hot to touch with bare skin. You could make the entire tray tip over... possibly with scalding-hot items onto you!

  • 2

    When servers are pouring don't touch your glass

    Maybe you think by lifting the glass you'll help them poor faster. You're only making it more likely they'll spill.

  • 3

    Don't put garbage in glasses

    Sometimes diners feel guilty about the mess they've made and "clean up" by putting napkins and/or garbage in the glasses. This is not helpful and creates more work for the bussing staff.

  • 4

    Don't stack the glasses

    Some glasses aren't designed to stack, and are more likely to break. Thanks for trying to be helpful, but let the server do the stacking (or not).

  • 5

    Don't try to make a joke when asked a routine question.

    Dining in or taking out? What name should I put with your order? Would you like your receipt? WE HAVE TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS. DON'T MAKE A SCENE OR A STUPID JOKE.

  • 6

    Don't leave something in place of a tip. Just leave a tip.

    A tip is part of the cost of the food. If you didn't like the service, give a small tip, but never not leave one. And NEVER leave a card, a coupon, a note, or a Bible verse instead of a tip.

  • 7

    Don't sit down at a dirty table.

    Be patient and wait your turn. Sitting at a dirty table makes clearing harder, thereby slowing the time before you'll be able to place your order. Worse, during busy times a server may not realize you're a new customer.