The following is an email sent to Richland School District Parents:


This is an FYI to let you know we had some students at eight RSD schools walk out of class today at approximately 10:00 am to protest school gun violence (see list below). The walkouts lasted about 17 minutes. School administrators and local police were out with students to ensure safety during the events.

Students who participated in a walkout have been marked ‘unverified’ for any missed time that occurred during the walkout. Student absences may be excused by parents. Within three days, parents can call the school to excuse a student and the ‘unverified’ will be changed to excused.

 All reports from RSD staff and parents who contacted us make it clear that the walkouts were well managed, very safe, and respectful of students’ rights to peacefully protest. At the same time, RSD maintained a strong learning environment for students who chose not to protest. 

  • Carmichael MS - 50 to 70 students
  • Chief Joseph MS – about 100 students in the courtyard
  • Enterprise MS - about 25 students in the commons
  • Libby MS - about 150 students
  • Hanford HS - about 200 students
  • Richland HS - about 100 students in the courtyard
  • River’s Edge HS - about 15 students over in park area
  • Tapteal ES -1 student at the flagpole

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