News Release from: Oregon State Police


(4:10 p.m.) Update #2: The following additional information is released:

* The confirmed number of fatalities has risen from 5 to 9 victims.

* We are continuing to try and confirm the total number of passengers and number of injured persons transported to area hospital or secondary locations due to severity of injuries. St. Anthony Hospital in Pendleton confirmed 18 patients were brought to their hospital with a range of injuries. Some of those patients were transported by air to secondary hospital locations due to the severity of their injuries.

* The bus driver survived the crash but investigators have not be able to speak to this person because of severity of injuries and medical care.

* The name of the charter bus company is not expected to be released today. The bus reportedly was enroute on a return trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Vancouver, British Columbia.

* Names and other information of the bus occupants will not be released today. Deceased victims' names will only be released after confirmation of next of kin notifications, and given the fact they are believed to be out of country residents this could may take an unknown length of time.

* Investigators are still on scene conducting the initial at-scene investigation. The cause of the crash is not known.