In case you haven't heard, legendary artist Prince, has passed away at the age of 57. Though the details of his death are still being investigated, the glory of his life is an open book. There are SO MANY reasons Prince was a badass, but here are a few you may or may not know about. Rest in peace, Prince. Your legacy will live on forever.

1. He took the rock movie to a whole new level. Purple Rain was not only a song, but a movie AND the soundtrack to that movie. No other rock movie has come close to the awesomeness of Purple Rain.

2. He can play the guitar like a CHAMPION!! The man has wicked skills, look it up.

3. 7 Grammys, 4 MTV VMAs, 1 Oscar for Best Original song for Purple Rain.

4. He changed his name to a symbol, and we still loved his crazy ass!

5. He made being from Minnesota cool. For real, he's the coolest person from Minnesota that's ever lived.

6. He's worked with EVERYONE! From Sheena Easton, Madonna, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, Mary J. Blige....

7. His name is actually Prince. Prince Rogers Nelson.

8. He wrote, like 68% of the songs that rocked in the 80s, and in to the 90s, and now! He wrote for Cyndi Lauper (When You Were Mine), The Bangles (Manic Monday), Sinead O’Connor (Nothing Compares 2 U), Alicia Keys (How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore), Stevie Nicks (Stand Back) and more!

9. He has music for every mood you have. Sad, sexy, happy, angry, party, insane, chill... The man has made music for over 30 years and has a song for what you're feeling at any time. Even now.