97 Rock's brand is "edgy" so when we shared a link on Facebook to the story about the two Louisiana teachers who slept with a student we called them "hot blondes." We are disgusted and alarmed some of our Facebook followers believe we condone their behavior.

Yes, it was inappropriate to call them "hot blondes." They're disgusting criminals. Just hours after the Facebook post we decided to delete the phrase. Frankly, news stories that involve attractive people -- male or female -- tend to get more attention. At 97 Rock we're always trying to get your attention. But we did not believe that in any way condoned their behavior.

Let's be clear -- to both our critics and our defenders -- we believe the teenage boy was raped.

People are saying 16 is of "consenting age" and that he was almost an adult. I believe anyone who would say that has not spent much time with 16 year olds. I taught junior high for two years and am currently a youth leader for 16-17 year olds. Children of that age are children. There is a huge difference between 16 and 18. And let's remember 21 is "adult" in our society. The "legal" age was lowered to 18 so boys could vote on the people sending them to war.

16 year olds have underdeveloped brains and bodies. This makes consensual sexual relations with them impossible. Some people are asking, "What if this happened to a 16 year old girl?" I appreciate their intent, but that question is inherently sexist. Boys deserve equal protection from sexual predators.

The fact that these women were in positions of authority is doubling disturbing. But the fact these teachers did not fear the wrath of society the way male teachers would, means our society is grossly sexist and we're failing to appreciate teenage boys need protection from predators taking advantage of their immaturity.

When I was in training to be a teacher, the district HR rep said, "If you're sexually attracted to children you're in the wrong business." Teenagers are children. People who are sexually attracted to them are pedophiles and there's no "ands, ifs or buts" about it.