There will be no last minute Christmas miracle.

After a 32-year run, the Desert Plateau Neighborhood Luminaria will not be officially presented in 2018.

A yearly meeting was held in May in preparation of the 2018 event, but shockingly, a post on July 31st announced that there would be no Luminaria this year due to a lack of volunteers and dwindling resources.

Then there is this latest post from September 22nd:


Thank you to all who reached out to the committee and shared your concerns, wishes, disappointment, stories and offered help surrounding the Luminaria, we appreciated the feedback! The decision to cancel this years event remains and we know and expect to hear even more disappointment as this was not the majority wish.

In the first quarter of the new year there will be a scheduled meeting, calling all volunteers to meet and begin work for the 2019 Luminaria.

It is our hope hope that with all that have reached out and the added time to hear from even more excited to volunteer, we will have the possibility of making 2019 forward a better success.


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Note: if you have not already reached out send us a message and we will add you to our growing list. All correspondence for that meeting will additionally be posted here.

If you see your neighbor share the news-unfortunately we do not have the ability nor budget to send a mass mailing to every address within the Luminaria bounds.


I know lots of Mid-Columbia holiday revelers are not welcoming this, thinking they've been majorly Scrooged.

Lets hope for next year!

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