"Don't Stop Believin'" this one.

The Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina was evacuated earlier this week, "Just the Same Way" other buildings have had to follow quick Escape and Departure procedures, after someone inside found a "small manila envelope handwritten and addressed from out-of-state." There was no time for "Lovin,Touchin or Squeezin'" as authorities quickly moved in with sirens blaring, their "Lights" on and Captured the mail.

"Feelin' that Way/Anytime" a package is considered potentially hostile, the entire block was cleared out as a precaution and cars had to detour around the cordoned off zone, hence, go their "Separate Ways".

The bomb squad came in to take over and do it their way, "Any Way They Wanted It" and proceeded to take their dear sweet time as the "Wheel in the Sky" kept on turning.

The authorities wanted to "Faithfully" make sure everything was okay. Upon discovering that fortunately, it was not a bomb, everyone was encouraged to "Be Good to Yourself" and to not be alarmed as the package was breached with "Open Arms" and the contents were revealed to be a JOURNEY cassette tape.

I suppose that IS a suspicious package, but suspicious because, you know, why is someone "Sending Her My Love," mailing a Journey cassette in 2018?

There's no word on which Journey album it was and why someone sent it. There is no identity to report, but the rumors are swirling that she "Walks Like a Lady," but cries like a little girl.

I wonder, as the package was never delivered, "Who's Cryin' Now?"

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