A Fish Called Utah - A Real Pain in the Bass Story

Two fishermen in Utah were busted in 2018 for smuggling pre-caught fish into a bass fishing tournament. After a long investigation, they were just hit with several criminal charges and could be looking at up to five years in prison.

These dudes are some serious dumb basses.

Back in October of 2018, 45-year Robert Dennett and 35-year old Kamron Wootton, both from Washington City, Utah, competed together in a bass fishing tournament. The top prize was $2500 for catching the five heaviest fish in two days. And after Robert and  Kamron turned in their fish on the first day, they were in second place.

Dumb basses fish not found in Lake Powell, but Quail Creek Reservoir:

NOT Lake Powell Fish (Quail Creek Reservoir)

But they were soon disqualified because the tournament officials noticed their bass didn't look like ANY of the ones other people had been catching, "They had little heads and fatter bodies indicating a different diet...and red fins, which indicated they'd undergone stress."

Non-dumb basses fish actually found in Lake Powell:

Lake Powell Fish

And yes, it turned out Robert and Kamron had smuggled in pre-caught bass from a reservoir (Quail Creek) in a different part of Utah. There was a long investigation, and just recently, both guys were charged with felony bribery or threat to influence a contest, plus some misdemeanor wildlife charges. The felony charge could get them each up to five years in prison.

Both men have their next court appearance on June 4th.