Let's say you decide to get a fish tank -- either for your kids, your office, or because you always wanted one. You love the look of saltwater tanks, but think they are way too hard and advanced for you so you are thinking about getting a freshwater tank. In the past that might have been true, but now it is not. Saltwater tanks are almost as easy -- and expensive -- as freshwater tank, but have way more rewards.

There are only a few differences in care between freshwater and saltwater tanks. Both you have to do water changes, and both should be done with RO/DI water. Both use some form of carbon filter system to clean waste out of the water. Both take the same kind of lights as long as you are not getting corals, and both take basically the same food.

The only basic difference is the salt that you put into the saltwater tank. There is basically 2 cups of salt for every 3 gallons of water you put in your tank. Sea salt is not that expensive and you can buy it in bulk for pretty cheap. As long as you do water changes every week, you do not need all the chemical tests and complex chemistry that you used to need. If you are having any problems with your tank at all, water changes are almost always the answer.

For just a little more cost and hassel, you get a tank that is so much more beautiful.