All the time people post to social media pages, "I'm moving to Tri-Cities in a couple of weeks, what's it like?" Now you can just send them this page for a full summary!

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    Washington produces a whopping 66% of the nation's apples!

    Wild apples in the bin, heysooooos
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    Blue Bridge

    For those who don't know, the official name of the Blue Bridge is the Pioneer Memorial Bridge.

    Maegan Murray
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    Columbia Park

    The Playground of Dreams was built in 1999.

    Maegan Murray
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    Dust Devils

    The Dust Devils have been playing at Gesa Stadium since 2001.

    Maegan Murray
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    East Kennewick Uglies

    The Kennewick High School Lions have the nickname "East Kennewick Uglies" after a football game from the 90s.

    Maegan Murray
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    The region was named after George E. Finley, a pioneer settler.

    Nice Scenery in Three Rivers Park
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    Gesa Stadium

    The stadium opened in 1994!

    Maegan Murray
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    Hanford Site

    The area for the nuclear development site was decided based on its isolation and abundant water supply from the Columbia River.

    Radioactive Waste Cleanup Continues At Hanford Nuclear Reservation
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    The Kennewick Irrigation District was formed in 1917.

    Border Patrol Agents Monitor Fence On US-Mexico Border, John Moore
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    Jackrabbits run around all over the place out in West Richland. Have you seen one?

    Open de Andalucia - Day One, Getty Images
  • 11

    Keewaydin Park

    The library at Keewaydin was opened in 1964.

    Keewaydin Park in Kennewick
  • 12

    Lampson Cranes

    The Lampson Transi-Lift 3000 is 560 feet tall and can lift 6 million pounds!

    Lampson, Florentino Gutierrez
  • 13

    Missoula Floods

    Almost 10,000 years ago, giant glaciers that melted caused catastrophic floods that shaped the Columbia Basin!

    Chicago's Field Museum Opens New Exhibit On Evolution, Tim Boyle
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    Our nuclear reservation continues to be the most contaminated site in the U.S.!

    Radioactive Waste Cleanup Continues At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Jeff T. Green
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    The Tri-Cities is the 9th most obese area in the United States!

    Feet on a bathroom scale - Isolated, Amy Walters
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    The city was named by a construction engineer for the Northern Pacific Railway named Virgil Bogue.

    Maegan Murray
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    Quinceañera Shops

    Downtown Pasco has sooo many dress shops that specialize in this Mexican tradition.

    Los Angeles Celebrates Its 232 Birthday With Procession Honoring Heritage, Kevork Djansezian
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    The region was named after Nelson Rich in 1905.

    Howard Amon Park
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    Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea camped in the area that is now known as Sacajawea park in 1806.

    North Dakota unveils statue of Shoshone Indian Sakakawea in US Capitol, Mike Theiler
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    Toyota Center

    The commonplace for football and hockey fans was originally titled the "Tri-City Coliseum."

    Toyota Center
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    Development of the plutonium for bombs during the 40s took place here in the Tri-Cities and continued for the Cold War.

    Uranium Find, Hulton Archive
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    Our top grossing activity that attracts tourists is none other than wine tasting at our local vineyards.

    Vineyard at autumn harvest, grapix
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    Walla Walla Sweet Onions

    Everyone loves them sweeet onions!

    International Green Week Agricultural Trade Fair, Sean Gallup
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    The railroad system created easier access to the area and eventually attracted settlers.

    Railroad Crossing Sign with Rainbow lighting, Jennifer Dodge
  • 25

    Yakima River

    Catch people floating down the Yakima this summer!

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    The food chain "Zip's" started out in Kennewick near the Cable Bridge in 1953 and is the oldest continually-operated restaurant in Tri-Cities!

    Zip's by the Cable Bridge