The Show Must Go On....Virtually!
Like so many businesses around the country, our local children's theatre has been
shutdown since last Spring, putting a huge burden on the organization to find alternative ways to educate and entertain kids and families in the community.
However, this strange environment we are living in has also opened up unusual opportunities for the Academy of Children's Theatre to see just how creative they can get.
When the pandemic closed their doors, they already had two shows cast and in rehearsals, "A Wrinkle in Time" and "The Jungle Book". So instead of just folding the productions, Education and Artistic Director Josh Darby started a crash course in virtual performance, resulting in the online streaming of both shows.
Rehearsing via Zoom, locations, backgrounds, costumes, all the elements of putting on a live show had to be considered from a different perspective, as well as making sure ACT could meet the goal for all their programs, that of educating the participating students in theater arts. Of course, the experience is not the same as rehearsing with the cast and performing in front of a live audience, but it does add a unique learning experience - creatively using computer technology. ACT also set up Summer class schedules online providing local thespian students access to learn and continue to hone their performance skills while quarantining.
So, although nothing can replace the exhilarating experience of live theater, the Academy of Children’s Theatre has made lemonade out of lemons! You can stream ACT’s "The Jungle Book" through this weekend. Go to for ticket access.

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