You see those crash trucks all the time at construction sites, the ones with the huge arrows that tell you to go right or left and they are pretty hard not to miss but it looks like one recently took the brunt of a speeding car.  

Trooper Rick Johnson took to his Twitter account to show the dangers of not paying attention and hitting one of those crash trucks. Here is what Trooper Johnson said about the accident:

This happened earlier this morning WB I-90 near MP 34. Thankfully no major injuries. The driver of the car under arrest for suspected impairment.The #CrashTruck did its job protecting the construction zone!

credit: WSP Rick Johnson/TWITTER

As you can tell by the accident photos, this driver is lucky to be alive.

credit: WSP Rick Johnson/TWITTER

Trooper Johnson also said the driver is under investigation for driving while impaired.

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