Aw Hells Bells.

A study claims it can prove that rock music IS "noise pollution," because ladybugs are "drastically" less productive when they're exposed to hard rock like the Thunder From Down Under,  AC/DC.

A Mississippi State University professor named Brandon Barton, while listening to AC/DC's "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" on the radio, thought, "why don't I challenge that there theory...." and he knew just how to do it.

Given the Dog a Bone?


Ladybugs, aphids, and soybeans . . . actually, cuz that's What He Does For Money, Honey, that's how he gets his kicks.

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Let's explain.

Aphids are a common pest for soybeans, and one job that ladybugs do is EAT aphids and save soybean crops. Barton got out some aphid-infested soybeans, and unleashed some ladybugs on them.  Then, he turned on his stereo . . . and played things like AC/DC, other classic rock, outlaw country music, folk music, city sounds and aircraft noise.

He immediately noticed something.  The ladybugs would generally Shake a Leg and eat ALL the aphids.

But the ones who were exposed to hard rock music like AC/DC and loud city sounds ate drastically fewer aphids, maybe wanted to Let Me Put My Love Into You?

Perhaps, but the uneaten aphids, oh they made a meal out of those soybeans and kept coming back for more. . . and so those aphids continued to shake their plants all night long.


The paper was dedicated to AC/DC rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, who died as the paper was completed.

Catch all the details on the Professor's "testable hypothesis" here.

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