All it takes is one rocking guitar line. The opening lick is instantly recognizable as AC/DC have just added to their historic catalog with the newly released title track from their 'Rock or Bust' album.

As stated, the combination of guitars from Angus Young and the band's new axe-man Stevie Young kicks off the track, with a steady Phil Rudd drumbeat behind them before Brian Johnson's signature vocals kick in. "In rock we trust / It's rock or bust," sings Johnson in the simplistic but effective chorus.

Elsewhere in the song, Johnson sings, "You hear the guitar sound / Playin' nice and loud / Rock you to your knees / Gonna make your destiny." And that line portends what's to come as the latter portion of the song finds Angus Young riffing away before coming to a bluesy ending.

'Rock or Bust' will appear on the album of the same name, which is due Dec. 2. You can pre-order the disc at Amazon and iTunes.

In other AC/DC news, guitarist Angus Young and bassist Cliff Williams continued to address the tenuous status of drummer Phil Rudd during a Reddit Ask My Anything session on Saturday (Nov. 15). When asked about Rudd, who is currently facing drug and "threatening to kill" charges in New Zealand, Williams responded, "Phil has to get himself well. That may take some time." Young added, "It's a bit of a question now. But the band is committed to going forward and touring."

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