The Academy of Children's Theatre (ACT) is having a 90-minute telethon fundraiser tonight on Facebook LIVE and Instagram Live beginning at 7:00 p.m, featuring many who have passed through ACT honing their craft, and some up and coming talent you've got to see to believe!

The hour-and-a-half online benefit, The Zoom Where it Happens (Hamilton riff), will be PACKED with so many fast paced things, full of ACT alumni and friends, it'll be so great, hopefully you'll want to show your support by making a pledge.

This telethon is focused on telling the ACT story, reaching out to alumni and their networks who may not normally be aware of, or connected with ACT, and they'll be asking for help/donations from viewers from the Facebook LIVE presentation tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. The production will end promptly at 8:30 p.m.

Funny enough, The Zoom Where It Happens won't actually be in a Zoom. Technology is amazing and they have a software called Switcher Studio that will allow them the ability to basically direct this show from a mulitcam/multifeed perspective.

This means that Facebook live is the primary way to watch this telethon.

Academy of Children's Theatre
Academy of Children's Theatre
This 90 minute telethon will also be on Instagram Live, featuring ACT students, alumni and surprise guests. Music, comedy, and history come together in a fun-filled distraction from the pandemic progression. ACT needs your help. They're struggling to make it through this difficult time, and they're asking our community for support.
Please spread the word to family and friends. I want to be in the Zoom Where it Happens!


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