Andrew Garfield, the actor who plays "The Amazing Spiderman," says Spiderman is Jewish. The actor -- half British, half Jewish -- said the character is neurotic, never feels like he's doing enough, and suffers from self doubt. "He's Jewish. It's a defining feature."

Garfield said he hopes Jewish people don't mind the cliché. He said it's how his own father was, and he sees the same traits in himself. It's not meant to be offensive.

But I'm offended.

If the Marvel writers want to do it, fine, but the actor? Who isn't even Jewish himself? He says his father is Jewish.

He did a fine job in one movie as Spiderman -- that doesn't give him the ability to change what Spiderman is.

I'd be just as upset if he said Spiderman is a Protestant or a Catholic or Islamic -- it's not the denomination that freaks me out, its the fact that he's changing Spiderman and he's not a writer.
If he wants to say that's how he got the inspiration for how he plays Spiderman in his mind, fine. But to come out and say Spiderman is Jewish is irresponsible and ignoring 52 years of comic book lore. It's like Henry Cavill coming out and saying Superman got his powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider -- stupid.