Warm high winds expected tonight caused the National Weather Service to issue a warning about the high danger of grass fires.

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National Weather Service Warns of Grass Fire Danger

The record temperatures Washington State has experienced this week compiled with high winds expected Wednesday evening caused the National Weather Service to release a grass fire danger alert. They warn that the grass left over from 2023 has been dried out with the record temperatures causing the danger. The forecast calls for 30+ mph winds and low humidity until Thursday evening when the next storm hits the area. That storm is expected to bring rain for the next 5 or 6 following days and much cooler temperatures. Instead of highs near 80°, expect highs closer to only 60° as the rainy weather continues until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


Tips to Prevent Washington Grass Fires

If you are driving along Washington roadways, make sure you do not eject your cigarette ashes out the window which could catch fire easily. Be aware of chains dragging or anything else that might spark a blaze as you drive by. If you own property, remove any dead or dry foliage, especially any nearby structures. Create a plan of what to do in case including gathering important documents and an evacuation plan just in case things get bad. Also, do not count on roadways between you and a nearby fire, and can jump a wide roadway, especially in high winds. Be cautious and get out when and if you can from an approaching fire.

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