Props to our longtime 97 Rock fan, Franklin Schmeck, for passing this link on to us. ranked the cuisine in all 50 states and the Great Northwest is righteously represented.

Bottom line: West Virginia (glorified hot pockets and road kill) is the worst; Texas (BBQ, steak house, breakfast taco) is the best, Oregon (wine, beef, dungeness crab, cheese, the whole farm-to-table process) is sixth, Washington (apples, salmon and coffee is food, right?) is eighth.

After the Lone Star state, the best is California, New York, Louisiana and Tennessee.

New Hampshire (the Arkansas of New England, minus the possum pie) Delaware, Nebraska (they invented the reuben?) and North Dakota (buffalo burgers and outdated Fargo jokes) join West Virginia in the bottom five.

Idaho ranked 41st as the author had trouble finding something tasty other than taters...and potato jokes.

And it's a little surprising both Hawaii and Wisconsin barely made it in the top 20. It is good to know you have regional chains noted when traveling in certain parts of the country for a true section of America flavor.

Bon appetite!


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