I have some questions regarding the new Nirvana inspired line of socks that are available now, like:




Do they come in a Heart Shaped Box?

Do you have to Bleach them to get the stinky feet stench out?

If I sweat in them enough, will they Smell Like Teen Spirit?

All Apologies to The Man Who Sold the World some Nirvana socks. It's actually a company called Stance, and they've unveiled a collection of Nirvana socks you can sport. Their Nirvana sock collection tries to capture the essence of the band's iconic albums and imagery.

Nirvana for your piggies, from the big toe to the little guy, one Aberdeen, Washington client recommended putting them on after getting back from your day on The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.

Yes, it takes a different Breed, so just Come As You Are --


Once In Utero, the sock idea is now so hot, it's fully In Bloom, On a Plain, About a Dumb Girl, Polly, a real cracker, and her Lithium addicted Scentless Apprentice headed for a Lake of Fire to fry, since Jesus Doesn't Want Me For a Sunbeam. A meeting with a Radio Friendly Unit Shifter for Pennyroyal Tea to discuss the avoidance of Territorial Pissings among the sales force was postponed due to an Aneurysm.


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