It's Wet Nose Wednesday with our friends at Pet OverPopulation Prevention and we've got the spotlight this week on a very special cat.

Cleo needs a new home for the holidays and perhaps she'll be perfect for you and your family.

Cleo is a 17-year-old spayed female who recently lost her long time life partner and needs to be rehomed.

She would do best in a quiet home since that is all she knows.

The family members do not live in the area and are allergic to cats so cannot take Cleo in.

Cleo has had regular vet checkups her entire life and been kept current on her vaccines. She recently had a complete health check and for her age, Cleo is very healthy.

She is showing early signs of kidney disease so it is recommended she be on a prescription diet.

Cleo’s current foster mom describes her as an absolute doll! Cleo loves to be brushed. She is a tiny cat who is very quiet and takes lots of naps. Cleo prefers to eat wet food instead of dry. She would be a wonderful companion for someone.

Can you find it in your heart to adopt this older very sweet, well-behaved cat to be part of your home?

Cleo's adoption fee is waived; we're just looking to find a loving home for this special girl!

If you're interested in giving Cleo a home, please complete our adoption questionnaire:

Can you give Cleo a very Merry Christmas this year? Thank YOU!

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