While the Richland School District has opted for online educating to begin the school year, Tri-Cities Prep is full steam ahead with all kids, full time, on campus this fall.

Here are parts of a letter sent to the parents of Tri-Cities Prep students, how the Jaguars plan on approaching the task of fully, safely re-opening:

Based on guidance from the Benton Franklin Health District, our plan includes maintaining a 6-foot distance in the classroom, wearing face masks, and daily disinfecting our school.  Please keep in mind that if your family situation requires your student to remain at home, we fully support that, and they will be able to continue their education at Tri-Cities Prep through our online model.

You depend on us to keep your student safe, and we depend on you to keep your student healthy. The days of sending a student to school with a sniffle, cough, or sneeze are long gone.

We feel that it is essential to have our students on campus and maintain a routine and schedule that is familiar to our returning students and create an environment that is welcoming and successful for our new students.  As important as it is to have our students on campus, it is vital to keep our faculty safe.  To that end, I am open to anyone who has ideas or is handy with plexiglass!

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our protocols for how we will be conducting school at Tri-Cities Prep COVID style.  We have an excellent Task Force that has been working hard to create these protocols.  With our work to bring our students back on campus, please understand that the Benton Franklin Health District and/or Governor Inslee has the authority to determine at any point in time that all schools must return to online distance learning.  

School will be different, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot maintain the integrity of a Tri-Cities Prep education. We have a large incoming class of freshmen this year which is extremely exciting. We will be asking for volunteers to help set up our “new” classrooms in the gym, multi-purpose room, and chapel.  

In Pasco, in-person, rotational and online options are all being discussed. As of this writing, we're still waiting for official word on Pasco protocol.

In Kennewick, here are the plans given to parents for their consideration as to how best serve the students of the Kennewick School District moving forward into the fall. The results of the survey and feedback from it is expected tonight (Wednesday) at the regular KSD board meeting.

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