Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips of Alter Bridge said that the band plans to keep heading in the heavier direction that began on their most recent effort ‘ABIII.’

Earlier this month, Alter Bridge hit Australia to play their final shows in support of their third album ‘ABIII’ after touring behind the release for nearly a year and a half. Speaking to Noise 11, drummer Scott Phillips explained that the band really began finding themselves during the writing of their second album ‘Blackbird.’ “Everybody really starting to fire on all cylinders as players and songwriters and I think that’s where the real Alter Bridge sound, kind of, developed.”

The band’s rhythm section also stated that they aren’t done gravitating to heavier material, as they did on the last album ‘ABIII.’ “I would think we’ll keep pushing the [envelope],” added Phillips.

Marshall also weighed in on the band’s upcoming material.  ”It’s definitely not out of our system, for sure. If it feels good we stick with. If it doesn’t, then maybe Slash might like it, maybe Mark’s solo project might like it,” the bassist quipped of the many side projects Alter Bridge members are involved with.

The band was recently joined onstage by Slash in Australia for a performance of ‘Rise Today.’ ”We asked him if he wanted to come up and jam and he was all about it,” explained Phillips. “The coolest thing about it was just hanging out with him in the dressing room and his guitar was hanging up next to my little crap ass bass,” joked Marshall. Slash’s upcoming album, ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ features AB frontman Myles Kennedy on vocals.

Slash performing with the band isn’t the only time there have been multiple lead guitarists onstage. Myles Kennedy and guitarist Mark Tremonti often have a guitar duel as part of the set — but don’t ask the rhythm section who the winner is. “We can’t [judge],” said Marshall. “It’s tough to judge. I guess the crowd will have to decide that for themselves.” continued Phillips. “I’m not the one playing guitar [laughs] so judge away.”

Alter Bridge are releasing their ‘Live at Wembley‘ CD and DVD on March 26 with plans of the concert film being available in different formats (3D Bluray, etc.) and broadcast on television as well as shown in theaters later this year.

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