Around this time last year, teamed up with what seemed to be an unlikely business. The world's largest online retailer teamed up 7-Eleven to install delivery lockers into their convenient stores. For people afraid that their expensive packages could be stolen off their doorstep or weather damaged or maybe just want to keep what was ordered a secret from your home or office, these lockers offer a perfect alternative.

A search on Amazon shows a number of them available throughout the Seattle area, where Amazon's head quarters are located, but there are none in the Tri-Cities as of yet. Images taken from a Capitol Hill neighborhood 7-Eleven first popped up online last September showing the large, plain gray lockers that resembled a PO Box at your local post office. Now they are fully functional and fairly widespread throughout Seattle and not just in 7-Eleven stores.

Kennewick is already the Slurpee Capital of The World, but the Amazon Locker Delivery is not available anywhere in the Tri-Cities. why not unleash this new way of online shopping into one of the busiest 7-Elevens around? Would you use it?

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