Members of the armed protest at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, were arrested on their way to a community gathering in John Day, Oregon. One was shot.

The FBI pulled over a vehicle with six protesters in it with the intent to arrest the men. A shooting ensued, but FBI were initially vague on the details. One man was injured mildly and another was shot dead. Both were taken to the hospital in Burns, Oregon.

Ammon Bundy, leader of the protest, was taken into custody and the FBi encouraged everyone at the Malheur Fish & Wildlife facility to disperse or face possible arrest.

Today was the 25th day of the armed "sit in" at the government facility. The group had seized the building in protest of the the federal Bureau of Land Management's handling of the prosecution of two Burns ranchers. They claimed to be leading a revolution and demanded a dismantling of the BLM and other federal bureaucracies that interfere with public use of public land.

Fans of the wildlife refuge were beginning to protest on their own and demand the government of Oregon to take action in protest of the FBI's "wait and see" approach to the crime.

Local Native American tribes and conservationists were furious at the protesters' treatment of the offices, artifacts and fragile land.

Getty Images, Justin Sullivan